6 exciting ways to have a spooktacular Halloween on a budget!



Some people dread the thought of yet another expensive holiday in the year, with christmas just around the corner Halloween can easily give you the spooks just by looking at the price tag that comes with it!!

After everything is added up, decorations, trick or treating, pumpkins, costumes and many other materials you may need can soon become quite costly, especially for parents! The amount many people spend on costumes alone can be mind blowing! “Bargain costume for only £30” – I don’t think so. However, this post can show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun! I’ve put together 6 of the best ways to get the most out of Halloween without handing over your life savings.

1. Hold your own movie marathon.

All this requires is a group of friends, a selection of classic movies and a large bowl of snacks! All the big food chain stores are doing loads of Halloween treats for super cheap. At the moment, tesco have offers such as ‘Swizzles Spooky Trick Or Treat Tub’ for only £4, which is a 1.05kg tub of a mixture of Halloween goodies perfect for a night in or to hand out to those pesky trick or treaters! Match this with a 1.5 litre (£1.79) bottle of Pepsi (or any other soft drink) and you’ve only just broken into a fiver!! Easy.

2. Homemade costume party.

Those of you who can’t possibly go without a little dressing up at Halloween this is a perfect idea to save that dosh. Hold a costume party where everyone has to make their own costume from things around the house! Super easy, cheap and simple to do – no spending of any money and the chance to get totally creative! With a prize for the best costume – what could be better! Throw on some MJs Thriller and you’ve got yourself a party my friend!

3. Carving pumpkins.

A pumpkin is not just for Christmas! (Or in this case, Halloween) you can squeeze the most out of your purchase by using them for recipies as well as a spooky lantern. Carving can be a great activity for families or groups of friends or just to decorate your home with. The price of pumpkins will definitely go up around the October season (as that’s the only time of the year they sell) but if you do your research you don’t have to spend a lot. Local markets usually stock up on seasonal veg and this could be a perfect find when choosing your pumpkin at a lower price! If you want to be MEGA organised then saving the seeds from last years carvings or buying your own can guarantee a cost free pumpkin for the following year.

4. Ghost walks.

Now I know there are many of these set up throughout October, especially on the Isle of Wight (the most haunted island in the world! – fact) but these can all vary in price from £5- £23. Although, setting up your own can be more fun than you’d imagine. All you need are some torches and a group of friends. It’s as easy as it sounds – wait until it’s dark and visit a particularly spooky area and have a wander around. Simple.

5. Ghostly baking.

Families can get together at this time of year, especially with little ones, in the witches kitchen to have your own baking day! You can create any ghoulish treats from cake pop eyeballs, bat biscuits to Dracula’s blood jelly. So much fun and creative ways to spend a day cooking up potions! Only money for ingredients will be needed but if you shop wisely then this won’t be a bank breaker.

6. Stocking up.

If you are one of those avid Halloween fans who celebrates it every year without fail then this particular tip will be your best friend. Stocking up on decorations, costumes and make up is the easiest way to decorate your home whilst keeping your money safely in your pocket. After the event, all Halloween gear is dramatically dropped down in price. As soon as Christmas items start filling the shelves of every store – bag yourself the leftover Halloween pieces! This will keep the costs down year after year.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own ways of having a cost free Halloween!


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